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We are amongst the leader in the Mining Supplies Business

Songatech (Pty) Ltd, a company incorporated in 2013 under South African company law, came about as a result of the research conducted by its founding members that identified a need for an alternative supply of products and services of superior quality to the mining industry.

The research conducted indicated that the mining industry in South Africa is facing a challenge in the environment of ever-increasing production costs in addition to the labour costs, the combination of which threatens the survival of a productive industry. With this in mind, it has become apparent that if the mining and other industries are to survive in this environment, any effort to cut operational costs must be undertaken with added impetus.

It became apparent that for the research to bear a positive outcome, it would be beneficial to establish an entity that would become a proponent of this thinking. To kick off this initiative of identifying cost-cutting opportunities and implement activities identified through these identified opportunities, Songatech was born.

Songatech believes that given the opportunity, it can leverage on the expertise it has at its disposal, and the technical skills it has access to through its network, to contribute to some extent in stemming the flow toward unproductive state of the mining and other industries. This Songatech aims to do by providing services and supplying products of superior quality to the industry.


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Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority.


We are open and honest about our products and services.


To become a preferred supplier of high-quality products and services to the mining and other industries.


We supply world class quality products and render superior services.


Together with our clients we always achieve more than what is expected.


We believe in continuous improvement; hence our slogan is Putting Technology Together.