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Our Services

Songatech primarily focuses on providing effective process improvement solutions at operational level of our client’s entities through process investigation, process modeling, analysis and solution crafting.

In addition, Songatech primarily focuses on providing consumable products where these are identified to improve the client’s bottom line. It will specialize in a few product portfolios within the mineral processing activity, and expand the product offering as opportunities for new products are identified through research and field study.

While our primary client base is South Africa, Songatech seeks to expand its footprint to the SADC market as opportunities are identified.

We will seek opportunities with the clients to assist in the effort of implementing business process improvements in their operations.

  • We will conduct the field studies to identify the opportunity to improve profitability of the processes within the clients’ operations.
  • We will conduct analysis of the processes and make recommendations to mitigate cost runoffs and reduce cost.
  • We will conduct research on the cost-effectiveness of various products and consumables identified for opportunistic cost reduction improvements, and make recommendations.
  • Where possible, we will undertake to supply the appropriate quality products as a mitigating action regarding cost containment and profitability improvement.
  • We seek to diversify our portfolio by establishing other business ventures other than in mining when opportunity presents itself.
  • We will participate in the social programmes that we and our partners agree on.