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Songatech screen panel is manufactured form polyurethane. The polyurethane used is mixed in such a way that gives good abrasion resistance and a reasonable life expectancy of 4 months. The screen panel is reinforced with a poly-carbon which is cast inside the polyurethane. The poly-carbon is so strong you can hit it with a 10 pounds harmer and it won’t break. The screen panel is manufactured for use in classification of material into different sizes in the mineral processing plants, dewatering in mineral processing, the chemical and food industry, as well as classification of gravel in quarry operations.

The panel is handcast and this ensures a better mix of the material which is promoted by cooling which is sufficient to ensure a complete binding and finishing of the polyurethane.




The Songatech screen panel pin is made from polyurethane. The pin and sleeve fastening method or pin only is used for Songatech screen panel. The pin is designed with a round wedge under the eclipse top to ensure ease of removing pin during maintenance. The eclipse top of the bin prevents build-up of material around the pin.