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The most important assets of Songatech are the people who are involved in the functioning of the company, who bring skills and experience into the company.

We subscribe to the highest business ethics and live by the spirit of Ubuntu in all our interactions:

• Professionalism

• Respect

• Responsibility

• Accountability

• Integrity

• Honesty and trustworthiness

Value Proposition

Our value proposition to prospective customers and business partners is as follows:

• We have a depth of technical expertise to provide effective solutions to improve the client’s bottom line.

• We are qualified and highly experienced mineral processing engineers and physical metallurgist

with expertise across a wide spectrum of minerals resources, in both mining and manufacturing sectors.

• We have expertise in cutting edge metallurgical processes and technologies to enhance the quality and yield of precious metals recovered.

• We have developed relationships with leaders at operational level in the field of mining and engineering.

• We are familiar with government’s policing framework regarding mining and environmental issues.

• Our focus is on creating wealth for all the stakeholders in our business ventures.